My journey into Abstract Expressionism

Posted on Jul 15, 2015 | 2 Comments

Working in abstract for me is the most direct and pure form of artistic expression coming from my unconscious. The challenge is to be able to trust and surrender and allow the channel of creativity to come through me, like an open vessel. This process most of the time is very daring because I want to make sure that the pure essence of child-like energy comes through the body and mind of the adult. When this happens, magically, a deep, unknown world of symbolism and metaphor unfolds. It is fascinating! I find painting abstract is more difficult than painting realism because it is an act of courage and exposes my vulnerability. There is no control or rational behind it, yet there is tremendous freedom. I am facing an open canvas waiting to be filled.


Here is a recent video of an interview of me as I discuss my journey with my abstract expressionism.


More information regarding my journey can be found here, my new website devoted to my abstract expressionism:


  1. Nadya
    August 21, 2015

    Great Video! It is always Great to see how an artist is painting!
    Thanks a lot!

  2. Liz Weide - Warner - Nankin
    October 6, 2015

    O My , Dario , Yes , yes , yes , getting back to a place of being. I am touched by your gentleness and ability to share yourself . I have always love your work . especially your abstract work . In viewing this new film on your process and enlightenment. I am reminded of a very wonderful time .
    We are standing on a roof top I believe in Santa Monica on California St . . I think it was the roof because I remember , much like a kind of childhood dream … the light , the air …Or maybe it was a garage in the back of your apartment .. it just seamed open in memory . You use to share and show me your paintings .. many of were still in process .. and you opened a place for me to view and tell you what I saw .. my imagination open and fueled buy your paint .. the images would be purely there without a narrative .. It was fun ,like an instant show of life, popping in on another level …
    Enlightenment ,transcendence are the words that come to mind when I see the paintings ( even on the web ) of your work on the metal .. I m sure that if I saw them in person .. reflection of my own consciousness wild/ dreamy deep would be present . the firsts painting in the film that you were working on reveled so may faces to me .. souls and spirits .
    It is funny this reconnection to your blog .. the timeing is such .. I went to a reunion of my husbands , Michaels’ .. it was from a Jr High school . There was a woman, that I was talking to .. she said she lived on Maui . I and odly from nowhere I asked do you know Artist at all there . I asked if she” knew Dario Campanille “. I forgot her name ( She is lovely and a Chef )
    She said yes that she know you well and connected you to your new studio assistant .

    This morning Michel came in to the living room and showed me a painting that I thought I lost .. in many moves ..or flooded basement .. as such .. It was in an old portfolio of mine but that had some his old sketches and drawings .
    It was a beautiful gift you made for me for Christmas…photo and paint on paper
    Its start came from our play outside in my family backyard by the pool .. You had your camera for inspiration shots .
    I had always had costumes and fabrics on hand .. that day I had black chiffon and an Elizabethan hat …
    I still have all that kind of stuff because I m a costume designer …
    Needless to say I am getting back to your film ..
    We played , created experimented with fabric . water , and the light of day .
    Much like children.. In the moment .. You and I are still doing what we did as children .. only bigger, more realized
    I am so so happy you are in Abstract Expressionism.
    My love to you and all that surrounds you .. for continued health and beauty and Art .

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