The Dalai Lama Portrait Project

Posted on Oct 2, 2013 | 3 Comments
The Dalai Lama Portrait Project

Dario Campanile traveled to India and was granted a private visit at the home of  his Holiness, the Dalai Lama. The meeting provided the artist the inspiration for his contribution to the multimedia art exhibition known as “The Missing Peace: Artists Consider the Dalai Lama.” This project brought together 85 respected artists, representing 30 different countries, and its intent was to help shift the world’s attention toward peace, through consideration of the inspiring life the Dalai Lama.


  1. Marjorie Wallace
    April 10, 2012

    Hello Dario;
    This video of your visit with the Dalai Lama was just so moving. Although he seemed to stumble over his ‘english’ the ending when you captured the expressions on his face, it simply spoke volumes…. more than words ever could. I still feel the lump in my throat from the emotion. I do have this book that you published “The Missing Peace” Now, if only we could get this message across to a few other countries in the world. I came of age during a time when I believed ‘one world, one people’ and I still feel that way even after all these years. Sadly, I do not think that kind of peace will happen in our lifetime.
    I do have some of your works that I acquired a few years back. “Conversation” hangs over my fireplace, a delight to all who come to visit. It is always new feelings whenever I see it. “Stargazer” hangs in my dining room and I cannot help but wonder at the thoughts in your mind while you are involved with creating your works. “Burst” (2006) one of your oils hangs next to my bed. I purchased that in 2008 while i was visiting Lahaina. Glen helped me with the purchase and I carried with me on the plane when I returned home. It reminds me of the volcanoes of Hawaii and the sheer force of nature it represents. WOW! Amazing work!
    I have been moved by your works ever since I first set eyes on them at Lahaina galleries in Bend, Oregon, and just wanted to let you know how you add a richness to my life. Your works are deeply appreciated in my home and I just wanted to tell you that. Perhaps, when I return to Hawaii, I will be fortunate enough to meet you at Lahaina galleries. That would be such a blessing..

    Warm wishes,
    Marjorie K. Wallace

  2. Donna Chernick
    March 2, 2014


    I came here this morning to show the world who you are because I worked wthe graphic design company in 1987 which created the Paramount logo. I just posted this morning your logo but before I did, I googled you and found your meeting w/His Holiness and cried w/joy! many blessings to you and than God I have great memory and remembered your beautiful piece hanging in my house all these years. onelove and oneheart

  3. Donna Chernick
    March 2, 2014

    Querido Dario

    I came to Fb this morning to post your picture of the Paramount logo because I have a dear friend whose daughter just got a job working there and is so excited, as all of of are when we get out time in Hollywood. I worked w/STUDIO EFX in 1986, the boutique graphic design company who designed the logo. I googled your name first thing and found you had a private meeting w/his Holiness ! I saw him in the 3rd room at UCLA in 1997, and in my town now Tucson in 2000 something in a room w/200 people. So I have a reverence for him as well ! All my plans for posting your picture shitfed when I saw you film w/him! What a way to start my day. God Bless You and thank you. onelove and oneheart DC

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